4. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.102004-01-06Revised by: MG
Changed encoding to UTF-8, rearranged revision history. Added a lot of markup in the screen sections to better distinguish prompts from commands; introduced warnings, cautions and tips.
Revision 1.92003-11-29Revised by: MG
Acted upon remarks from readers to clarify issues with compressed files, removable media; found a couple more spelling errors, added an extra example for cron and one for prompt settings; took out reference to Acrobat Reader and stuffit, which are not Open Source (pointing to a fancy flight simulator instead ;-) More on keyboard layout. Added RPM example, added yum package manager.
Revision 1.82003-09-16Revised by: MG
Added app5, corrected some minor details.
Revision 1.72003-07-26Revised by: MG
Added RPM and apt-get examples, corrected issues with tar incremental backup. Updated glossary and added links to sections within document.
Revision 1.62003-07-21Revised by: MG
Corrected details in chap 1 to 5, tried shorter lines in intro and chap1 to make it easier on translators using CVS. See what this gives: next update diffs should be more readable for these parts.
Revision 1.52003-06-17Revised by: MG
Redo of chapter 10 on Networking, left out some sections that were too complicated.
Revision 1.42003-04-27Revised by: MG
Added sound and video playing, chat/conference; got rid of redhat-config image and redhat printtool gui stuff; bash key combinations in chap2; XML keycap tag on all key combinations, parameter tag on arguments, guibutton tag for graphical buttons, menuchoice, guimenu and guimenuitem tags for GUI menu selections; replaced pico with ed, added piece about Linux in the office, replaced abiword image with openoffice screenshot; added conventions and organization sections in introduction; added konqueror screenshot in chap2; replaced system-monitor screenshot in chap4 with something more up to date; summary for chap2, checked exercises; added bash in app3 differing features; License section is now only invariant section.
Revision 1.32003-03-26Revised by: MG
grep and escape characters; exporting variables; more consequent about security issues; init and cron revised; window and desktop managers explanation; removed some more too RedHat specific stuff; added piece about (x)inetd; local authentication; text conversions and encoding; graphical help, graphical file managers, note on internet connections; spell check.
Revision 1.22003-02-28Revised by: MG
ps a bit better explained; more in getting started: --help, whatis, apropos explained; more on find; chmod and umask still contained a couple of errors and incompletenesses; resized images that were too large to be printed; resized oversized text boxes for better print quality; updated glossary.
Revision 1.12003-01-22Revised by: MG
Bug fixes; removed some more too RedHat specific stuff; corrected minor errors; moved most recent version to decent URL; improved tar section, added something about jar.
Revision 1.02002-12-29Revised by: MG
Initial release for TLDP