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StartCom Linux Press Releases

StartCom Linux
StartCom Linux
Eilat, Israel
Final StartCom Enterprise Linux (AS-3.0.5) released
Eilat, Israel, Apr 17, 2006 - The StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-3 (Maccabee) remains still a very popular download, specially by users who want to re-use their older hardware. Mainly used for serving web application, mail or file storage / sharing in middle-sized environments, the proved operating system with its rock-solid 2.4 kernel received some new features and updates.
- StartCom made a strategic switch concerning the update mechanism and all current and future operating systems will receive their updates via the new YUM version. Specially for the AS-3.0.5 release, StartCom back ported YUM for this operating system in order to allow an easy and reliable update mechanism. The up2date service which was in place previously will be discontinued. This new version will be the last and final update release of the AS-3 series. All updates will be supported and handled via the YUM updater.
The CD ROM images are available for immediate download from any of our download mirrors.
- Other changes and additions for AS-3.0.5 are the full support for smart cards from the OpenSC project, the addition of Firefox and Thunderbird (both 1.5 version) with the natural support for the StartCom Free SSL Certification Authority, but also some 300 other updated packages. This makes AS-3.0.5 an attractive Linux distribution for server and workstation use, specially when utilizing older hardware (minimum recommendations are P3 800 MHz and 256 MB RAM).
- What's else is going on at StartCom? Currently the new StartCom MultiMedia Edition ML-5.0.5 is under development and a release candidate should hit the download mirrors within a month. This distribution with Fedora Core 5 under the hood looks very exciting and promising!
Also in planning is an updated release for the AS-4 series, with similar changes and additions as the currently release AS-3.
- Information about StartCom Linux can be found at our website.
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