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StartCom Press Releases

StartCom Linux Press Releases

StartCom Ltd.
Eilat, Israel
StartSSL and Firefox 2.0 release
Eilat, Israel, October 24, 2006 - StartCom congratulates the Mozilla team on the successful release of the new Firefox 2.0 web browser. After one year of development since the last release, this award-winning and free web browser got even better than before. The new Firefox web browser is available for immediate download! In addition to that, StartCom is very pleased to announce the availability of the StartCom Certification Authority as an included and trusted instance for the issuance of digital certification in Mozilla software, including the new Firefox browser.
- The StartCom Certification Authority has matured a lot since the first announcement in February 2005 and offers today a range of products from free digital certification to PKI solutions for the corporate. The project started at with a limited wizard to create free digital certificates for web servers. Since then, StartCom developed various additional products for private and commercial use, underwent a third party audit and issued over 20,000 digital certificates. But today - with the release of the new Firefox web browser - marks the first time, that free digital certification (provided by StartCom) is supported and trusted by a major browser vendor with a significant market share. This makes it very easy for the subscribers of the certificates and the relaying parties (visitors) of digitally secured web sites (SSL) to use this free service! Also the signing and encryption of email is supported in the same manner which allows the protection of the identity and privacy of the user.
- This event is also an excellent opportunity to make another few announcements: StartSSL™ is the new trade mark for products and solutions of the StartCom Certification Authority and is available at Additionally StartCom started the StartSSL™ Web-of-Trust (WoT), which is an attempt to create a community network of notaries and members, where notaries perform the verification of the fellow members. Please visit the new web sites for more information and everybody is invited to participate in the StartSSL™ WoT or make use of any of StartComs free or paid products and services.
Resources and Links: (StartCom Web Site) (StartCom Free SSL Certificate Project) (StartSSL™ PKI) (StartSSL™ Web-of-Trust) (Mozilla Foundation)