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StartCom Linux Press Releases

StartCom Linux
StartCom Linux
Eilat, Israel
StartCom Enterprise Linux (AS-3.0.6) - Update Release
Eilat, Israel, August 29, 2006 - The legendary StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-3 is the the first updated distribution release after the summer break, out of a series of update releases scheduled for the coming month. The release of AS-3.0.6 (Maccabee) features about 300 updated packages, but Ethereal is gone - instead it's now sniffing the wire like a shark.
- Since the last release of the AS-3 series, the popular Ethereal network sniffing tool was forked to a new project called Wireshark. This change is reflected in this release (read more at, but also the newest Firefox and Thunderbird packages are included again. This operating system still attracts many new users because of its simplicity, stability and lower hardware requirements. Download statistics encourage us to continue publishing updated releases of this legendary system and this is currently the third update of the AS-3 StartCom Enterprise Linux. Also scheduled are new AS-4 and ML-5 release updates during the coming month, which will be announced here.
- The CD ROM and DVD images are available for immediate download from any of our download mirrors.
- Information about StartCom Linux can be found at our website.
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