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StartCom Linux Press Releases

StartCom Linux
StartCom Linux
Eilat, Israel
Second Update of StartCom Enterprise Linux (AS-4.0.1)
Eilat, Israel, Mar 04, 2006 - The second update of the latest StartCom Enterprise Linux version AS-4.0.1 is hitting the download mirrors today! With almost 500 updated packages, this release includes many security updates and bug fixes, but also a few additions, such as smart card support from the OpenSC project.
- This new release of the StartCom Enterprise Linux is basically an updated rebuild of the previous version (AS-4.0.0) with many security and bug fixes, but also upgrade to newer versions of certain applications. Additional features are the inclusion of the pcsc-lite, openct and opensc of the OpenSC and M.U.S.C.L.E project in order to provide better support of smart cards and secure tokens on our Enterprise systems.
Users of the latest AS version may update their existing enterprise systems by downloading and installing the updated RPM files. New users should download the new ISO images from the AS-4.0.1 directory! Of course the legacy i386, but also x86_64 architecture are included in this updated release.
- Other exciting news are the announcement of a strategic change concerning our MultiMedia Edition: A new version is under development and will be based on the Fedora Core 5 as the underlying OS, instead of the traditional StartCom Enterprise Linux. This shift allows for the MultiMedia OS to be closer on the cutting edge, provide better support for more and newer hardware. Expected release of the StartCom MultiMedia Edition ML-5.0.5 is expected during April 2006, shortly after the official release of Fedora 5.
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