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Order StartCom Linux CD-ROMs

Order StartCom Linux CD-ROMs How to order:

StartCom distributes the various operating systems not only by Internet download, but also by sending Installation CD-ROMs to all parts in the world(*) via postal mail. A set of the StartCom Linux operating system may arrive at your house in less than a few days.

The price of a Installation CD-ROM package may vary from country to country, mainly because of the post taxes, and is meant to cover our costs. But the standard price for a set of CDs is around $ 20.

You can place an order using our secure payment system below, which will guide you through the process in a few easy steps.

We accept also payments via Western Union or Bank transfer. Use the contact form if you prefer to pay by this means.


Currently there are no extra benefits, except that the CDs are produced, burned and tested by StartCom.

The package of three to four CD-ROMs or DVD's contain usually the latest release, including updates, bugfixes and changes. You dont have to be worried, if the download process succeeded and you burned the CD's in the right way, so they'll boot your system.

Remember: Each disk weighs in at just under 650 MB. If you have a slow Internet connection, downloading the required disk's can be an extremely time-consuming process.

We have plans to include a nice booklet in the future and other goodies, but that's...future music for now.

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