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Volunteer at StartCom

Volunteer at StartCom Volunteers Wanted!

StartCom wants you to contribute as a volunteer. There are many smaller and bigger jobs, which are done by volunteers. Being it the translating of manuals and documents, designing of computer graphics or the fixing of bugs. If you want to share your time with us, then you are very welcome!

What's needed?

  • Translators from English to various languages
  • Editors of manuals and documentations
  • Graphic designers
  • Computer programmers in C/C++, Python, Perl and more
  • Maintainers for Bugzilla
  • Testers of future distributions

  • (This is only a partial list)

    How to join?

    We intend to implement a advanced online managment system for our volunteers, but right now you can join us by using our Contact Form. Please explain who you are and in which field you want to volunteer.