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StartCom Press Releases

StartCom Linux Press Releases

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Eilat, Israel
StartCom Ltd. and SevenL Networks Inc. Announce Web Hosting Partnership
Toronto, Canada and Eilat, Israel - February 2 2009 - SevenL and StartCom announce today an exclusive partnership that brings the power of SevenL's data center and dedicated hosting facilities and the functionality of StartCom's web hosting solutions together. The partnership allows for one of the most fully-featured web hosting offerings available on the market thanks to advances made by StartCom in web hosting usability. Services in the partnership will be under the 'MediaHost' brand.

- "With this partnership, we're bringing SevenL's leadership in dedicated hosting and data transit solutions together with not only StartCom's Linux footprint, but the unique MediaHost™ experience, to offer customers a world-class hosting experience," said Cassius Adams, Founder & Senior Account Executive of SevenL Networks. "Introducing this new service is a natural extension of our hosting strategy which only enhances the experience for customers by providing them with the advanced online tool set needed to create a professional, successful web presence."

- "Our customers will benefit from the combination of StartCom and SevenL's leading technology and services, providing them with one of the best online experiences," said David Gallo, Chief Executive Officer, SevenL Networks. "With StartCom's legendary ease of use and pioneering features, MediaHost's web hosting services are the best way for average web users and the technically savvy alike to set up their online presence and websites."

- "MediaHost™ has been serving both beginners and advanced application developers for almost a decade. Our long-standing experience, especially with Java based, database driven applications and other scripting languages, has allowed us to always provide the best support to our demanding customers" said Eddy Nigg, founder of StartCom. "The partnership with SevenL enables us to provide an even faster and more reliable experience to our customers, thanks to their proximity, and by utilizing SevenL's state-of-art data center."

- SevenL and StartCom will begin to roll out MediaHost's new web hosting initiatives beginning February 2009. To find out more, visit
- This press release is cross-posted at the sites of SevenL and MediaHost.

SevenL Networks Incorporated builds and maintains dedicated hosting servers specifically designed for unique business functions. Their services lineup includes Web Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Hosting, Load Balancing solutions, Managed Servers/Services, Web Application Design and Development. SevenL Networks is an industry leader and provides customers with complete customization, allowing for over 200,000 different server flavors. SevenL Networks operates it's own data center out of Toronto, Canada.
StartCom is the producer and vendor of the StartCom Linux operating systems, operates the StartCom Certification Authority and MediaHost™. Most solutions provided by StartCom are based on open source technology and open standards. StartCom stands for a free and open, but also private and secure computer and Internet experience!
StartSSL™ is the trade mark of products and solutions of the StartCom Certification Authority. StartCom offers various Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and other digital security solutions for business and personal use.
MediaHost™ is operated by StartCom since 1999. It specialized early on in the hosting of Java based and database driven applications and utilizes StartCom Linux for its shared hosting solutions. MediaHost™ provides the service level and commitment mission critical and sensitive e-businesses requires.