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StartCom Press Releases

StartCom Linux Press Releases

StartCom Linux
StartCom Linux
Eilat, Israel
StartCom MultiMedia Edition (Kessem) - Update Release
Eilat, Israel, October 31, 2007 - The StartCom MultiMedia Edition is most famous for its audio and video manipulation capabilities, but also for the wide range of the delivered applications. Today an updated version of this superb operating systems has been released by StartCom to the public. Codenamed "Kessem", version ML-5.0.6 is freely available for download!

- StartCom Linux is using the latest in open source technology and with its advanced audio and video manipulation capabilities makes this operating system an excellent platform for music and video production.

- The enhanced usability of the desktop applications which are installed by default, such as OpenOffice, Firefox (browser), Thunderbird (mail) and Pidgin (chat), in addition to various audio and video players makes the StartCom MultiMedia Edition also an excellent choice for the home desktop computer.

- A new design and the advanced 3D OpenGL driven effects offer some real computing fun, while a TV/Video/File streaming server and client make sharing of music and video throughout the local network a snap. More outstanding applications like Cinelerra, Rosegarden, Audacity and many,many sound manipulating effect tools, synthesizers, samplers, sequencers round the picture.
The updated StartCom MultiMedia Edition is available for Intel i386 and AMD x86_64 architectures. DVD ISO images can be downloaded for free or ordered for a nominal fee. Alternative installation options via network or harddrive are also available.
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