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StartCom Linux Press Releases

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Eilat, Israel
One Year of Free SSL Certification
Eilat, Israel, February 20, 2006 - Exactly one year ago StartCom announced its new Free SSL Certificate Project at this press release. The StartCom Certification Authority transformed during the past year from a simple "Proof of Concept" to a full fledged authority, providing a wide range of digital certificates and services. StartCom built an interesting business model around its Certification Authority, allowing it to serve the Internet community with free certification, while guarantying financial support through its additional services. With over 11,000 issued and valid certificates within one year, StartCom is making online security affordable for everyone!
- What started with a simple website wizard for the creation of a SSL server certificate, developed during the last year to a wide range of services and products. In addition to that, StartCom introduced its CA policy, implemented highest security standards on its physical and server infrastructure. In order to validate this, the StartCom CA underwent a third part audit by the We! Consulting Group - a leading Israeli company specialized in PKI solutions and network security. As a result, the StartCom CA is today a candidate for the inclusion of its Root CA by most popular software vendors, making the distribution and import of its CA certificate into client software, such as browser and mail clients, unnecessary.
- StartCom introduced a unique mix of free and paid services, allowing it to provide free certification for the fully automated validation of certificates, while charging a small fee for more advanced and work intensive verifications. Additionally StartCom offers complete PKI solutions for bigger organizations through its StartCom Intermediate Certification Authority Program (SICAP). The full list of products includes:
  • Domain validated server certificates (Class 1)  - Free
  • Email validated client - mail certificates (Class 1)  - Free
  • Microsoft® Domain Controller certificates (Class 1)  - Free
  • Accompanied Smart Card Logon certificates (Class 1)  - First five are free of charge, US$ 2.00 for additional certificates
  • Fully verified server certificates (Class 2)  - US$ 20.00
  • Fully verified client - mail certificates (Class 2)  - US$ 20.00
  • SICAP solutions are provided per contract
And with this new approach and business model for digital certification, StartCom guaranties a high standard of its products and services, while supporting its aim, to provide the Internet community with Free SSL Certificates! Happy Birthday!