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About StartCom Linux

About StartCom Linux

StartCom Linux
StartCom Ltd. (Israel)
Eilat, Israel

StartCom Ltd. (USA)
Los Angeles, California, USA


Who is StartCom?

StartCom Ltd. is a software house and solution provider, located in the south of Israel. The resort city of Eilat on the Red Sea is famous for its tourist attractions, but now also because it's the home of StartCom. StartCom is a solution provider for web based applications and PKI enterprise solutions, specialized in Linux based implementations. It operates MediaHost™ since 1999 and started in the beginning of 2005 the StartCom Certification Authority . Initial contact should be made via our Contact Form.

Investor Relations:

StartCom welcomes potential investors, strategic partners and representatives. If you are looking for a investment opportunity please contact us.