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Welcome to StartCom Linux
StartCom Linux:
Linux is a UNIX like Operating System, famous for its reliability and security features, that runs on all kinds of computers. Linux was started by Linus Torvalds in 1991. The Linux Kernel and most applications it offers, are mostly GPL licensed, called Open Source. You can find more about Linux in general here.

The StartCom Linux operating systems, are based on the RedHat Enterprise and Fedora source code each modified with reliability, security and efficiency in mind, to fit the tasks assigned to each flavor of StartCom Linux.
In order to choose the StartCom Linux version for your needs, check out our Products and Distributions page.

View the Screenshots to get an idea how StartCom Linux looks. You can find more about StartCom here. Also visit the StartCom User Forum for more information.
StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-5.0.5 (Kishuf):

May 26, 2010: Preview the soon-to-come StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-5.0.5 - one of the most stable and reliable operating systems yet for your mission critical computing. First screen shots available here...
Latest News:
2009-07-08 Almost five years after introducing the first ever StartCom Linux distribution with release AS-3.0.0, we are announcing the end-of-life for the series three and four. Please read the full announcement here.
2009-02-02 Since the open sourcing of the Java® implementation by Sun Microsystems Inc., the integration of OpenJDK is propably the most exciting news of this StartCom Linux release. OpenJDK is a high-performance, fully open source implementation of the widely adopted Java® SE 6. This Java® implementation has passed the full Java SE 6 TCK and is compatible with all applications written for Java SE 6 and previous versions. Overall more than 150 additions and updates have been committed to this StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-5.0.3 release. Read the full press release...
2008-06-11 The newest StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-5.0.2 provides full support for virtualization - the running of multiple instances of operating systems on one physical hardware unit. And depending on the installation preferences, AS-5.0.2 can function as server platform as well as advanced client workstation. Please read the full press release...
2007-11-26 StartCom is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the updated release for the legacy AS-4.0.x series of StartCom Enterprise Linux. This update provides additionally supported and updated drivers, an updated kernel with new features (version 2.6.9-67), updated Samba (SMB file sharing), mirrored root support for Logical Volume Management (LVM) and updated GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). Please read the complete press release here...